Friday 18 November 2016 – The last day!

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to a big breakfast of eggs, beans and toast! The weather was much colder today and although the sun was out the wind made us all feel very very chilly! The weather didn’t stop us working together in teams to complete three challenges – saving a polar bear, den building and trying to get a ping pong ball across the playground using pieces of guttering.

Our afternoon was a time of celebration – we bought souvenirs from the Stibbington shop and received certificates (even Mrs Corrie and Mrs Bacon got a certificate)! We then loaded the coach with all our luggage, lowered the Stibbington Eco flag and made our way back to school.

A fantastic week had by each and every child and adult! Thank you, Stibbington!

Thursday 17 November 2016

We woke up after a good night’s sleep. Breakfast was hash browns, spaghetti hoops and toast – lots of sustenance to prepare us for a day in Sulehay forest!

Richard, our teacher for the day, taught us a song and explained what we would see and do up in the forest. After a short trip in the mini bus we ate apples whilst waiting for the rest of the group to join us. When everyone had arrived we then hid our apple cores for animals to find and eat. Our next task was to build hedgehog homes for the little animals to hibernate in over winter. We then searched for mini-beasts and had the chance to look at a badger set!

We all ate well at lunch – pizza and cheese sandwiches followed by yoghurt and shortbread! The afternoon was spent dissecting owl pellets and pond dipping for aquatic invertebrates. We found lots of interesting bones which belonged to little animals such as mice, voles and shrews.

After a delicious roast dinner we wrote our shopping lists, made our eco pledges and then spent almost an hour playing hide and seek in the dark outside in the playground!

The children (and adults) then settled down to High School Musical, hot chocolate and rice crispie cakes before bed time.

Another fun (but exhausting) day had by all!

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Ibbotson class arrived today! Whilst they had their introduction and site trail, Pullman worked together to complete three team building tasks. The children had to save a polar bear, build a waterproof den and use pieces of guttering to get a ping pong ball from one side of the playground to the other.

After the morning activities Pullman and Ibbotson had lunch together in the Crunchy Carrot Cafe, it was noisy but the children were excited to see each other and share their stories!

Pullman then had their final session, receiving awards and celebrating their time at Stibbington before returning back to West Town! Ibbotson spent the afternoon learning how to read maps before spending a couple of hours doing a treasure hunt at Stibbington Nature Reserve. The children all enjoyed their treasure – some yummy toffees!!

We then collected some foliage for table centrepieces to make the cafe look much more inviting!

Dinner was a delicious pasta bolognaise with cheese and sweetcorn followed by crumble and custard! The children are all quietly watching Zootropolis and relaxing after a fun-filled day before having a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we will be heading to Sulehay forest to discover what wildlife live in the British woodlands!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

After a good night’s rest and a healthy breakfast of cereal and spaghetti hoops on toast, we met our teacher for the day, Richard. He took us to Sulehay forest where we built hedgehog homes, searched for mini beasts and investigated a badger set! We were taught how to be quiet and listen to the sounds of the forest, Richard told us that if we weren’t quiet we would scare the wildlife away!

Lunch today was home-made pizza and cheese sandwiches followed by a biscuit and yoghurt, we were so hungry after our morning in the forest!

At Stibbington centre everyone has to do jobs which help to protect the environment, the children were split in to three groups (Garden Gang, Power Rangers and Waste Wizards) and were given tasks to complete. Gardan Gang had to plant some Green Manure, Power Rangers had to make sure all the lights were turned off in the bedrooms and Waste Wizards had to help put the food waste in the compost bins.

We spent the afternoon looking at the contents of an owl pellet, we picked out bones and examined them under a microscope to decide whether they were from a mouse, shrew or a vole. We also went pond dipping, lots of interesting creatures live in a pond –  newts, water boatmen, snails and other aquatic invertebrates.

Dinner was roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and gravy with fruit and ice-cream for pudding – yum! This evening we created our souvenir shopping lists and watched a bit of Nanny McPhee before bed.

Another wonderful day enjoyed by all!

Monday 14 November 2016

We arrived all very excited! Our leader for the day was called Becky, after an explanation of the layout of the building we  were assigned our rooms and given time to unpack and get used to our new room mates. We completed a site trail so were more familiar with our surroundings.

After a scrummy lunch of sandwiches and flapjack we had an afternoon of learning how to read coordinates on a map. We put our learning into practise when we took part in a pirate treasure hunt around Stibbington Lakes Nature Reserve. The children had to follow clues and find the right location on the map in order to find our treasure, a chest full of delicious toffees!

A much needed dinner was followed by an evening of playing games, watching a movie and enjoying some cake and hot chocolate before bed.

Everyone is very happy and enjoying themselves!

Tomorrow’s activities include activities in Sulehay forest and an afternoon of studying the contents of a pond.