Kew Gardens

Year 5’s had a very exciting educational visit to Kew Gardens on Thursday 23rd April.  After an early start (8am) the children traveled to London by coach and many were amazed to see the tall buildings and aeroplanes close to Heathrow Airport as we approached Kew Gardens.  The entrance was impressive with wrought iron gates and after a short wait at reception they began to realise just how large the site is.  After a short comfort break, the children had an early lunch in tepee tents which they thought were very unusual.

Despite some children thinking the Tree Top Walkway was too high, they all completed the walk, even those children who were a little nervous.  After the walk, the children commented on the fantastic views and some admitted they were a little nervous when the walkway was moving due to the wind.

The children experienced the humidity in the rainforest habitat where they were guided through the various areas to see and feel the rainforest plants.  They were engrossed by some of the plants which are used for food and consolidated their classroom learning about the four layers of the rainforest.  The children used specialist equipment to measure the humidity, soil temperature and air temperature both inside and outside the rainforest area and determined that the reason we all felt so sticky was due to the humidity being 83%!!

“The visit was a huge success and it truly brought our classroom learning about rainforests to life for the children.  It was a long day but our children behaved impeccably and were a credit to both their families and to West Town Primary Academy.” Mrs Jane Nuthoo (Year 5 class teacher)