Leadership Team

Jane Dooley, Executive Principal

Hannah Quinn, Principal

Emma Houlton, Vice Principal

Kathy Bacon, Assistant Principal – Inclusion & SENDco

Laurence Ball, Assistant Principal – Upper school

Mandy Balderson, Assistant Principal – Upper school (Maternity Leave)

Class Teachers

Aneesah Zaib, Year 6 Teacher (maternity leave)

Lauren Cox, Year 6 Teacher

Julia Smith, Year 6 Teacher

Abigail Hall, Year 6 Teacher

Kearan Kauser, Year 5 Teacher

Jane Nuthoo, Year 5 Teacher

Rebecca Rouse, Year 5 Teacher

Laurence Ball, Year 4 Teacher

Treena Callaghan, Year 4 Teacher

Kirsty Trail, Year 4 Teacher

Sarah Cole, Year 3 Teacher

Liam Forsyth, Year 3 Teacher

Abi Bishop, Year 3 Teacher

Mandy Balderson, Year 2 Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Danielle Goff, Year 2 Teacher

Kate Whinnett, Year 2 Teacher

Tanya Ruff, Year 1 Teacher

Katie Longmate, Year 1 Teacher

Hannah Noble, Year 1 Teacher

Soraya Sait, Reception Teacher

Alice Wiles, Reception Teacher

Emily Skeels, Reception Teacher

Vicky Copping, Reception Teacher

Rebecca Cruise – Lead Practitioner Maths

Catherine Brooks, Arts Specialist

Josie Edwards, PE Specialist

Briony Harrow, Creative Arts Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Sarah Hayes, Teaching Assistant

Amanda Brown, Teaching Assistant

Chris Burrell, Teaching Assistant

Marie Watts, Teaching Assistant

Helen Freibergs, Teaching Assistant

Melissa Steels, Teaching Assistant

Kira Mann, Teaching Assistant

Julia Gudgeon, Teaching Assistant

Janet Kenny, Teaching Assistant

Ele Venner, Teaching Assistant

Michelle Ngondi – Teaching Assistant

Lydia Jordan – Teaching Assistant

Amy Wilson – Teaching Assistant

Nasreen Akbar – Bi-lingual Teaching Assistant

Rita Patel, Bi-lingual Teaching Assistant

Office Staff

Helen Buckley, Office Manager

Andria Davies, Attendance & Admissions Officer

Jo Watts, Office Administrator

Becky Gibson, Welfare and Safeguarding Lead

Lunch Time and Catering Staff

Jo Britchford – Catering Manager

Donna Sloan – Catering Assistant

Tanya Nightingale – Catering Assistant

Jade Meakins – Catering Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Daria Banasiak – Catering Assistant

Safia Bano – Lunchtime Supervisor

Hina Mahmood – Lunchtime Supervisor

Danute Kusiene – Lunchtime Supervisor

Michelle McKernan – Lunchtime Supervisor

Dawn Steels – Lunchtime Supervisor

Shahidah Reshi – Lunchtime Supervisor

Breakfast Club

Daria Banasiak – Breakfast Club Assistant

Danute Kusiene – Breakfast Club Assistant

Site Staff

Lee Underwood – Site Officer

Danute Kusiene – House Keeper