As part of CMAT West Town Primary Academy retains a local Academy Council which includes members from the local community, parents, staff and CMAT, who work together to support the successful development of the school, offering local challenge and support for the wider leadership.  If you wish to contact the Academy Council, please do so by emailing the Chair of Academy Council at or writing to Mr Eddie Woods, C/O West Town Primary Academy, Midland Road, Peterborough PE3 6DD.  Please see the document below for more details of our Academy Councillors.

Our Academy Councillors are:

Hannah Quinn – Principal

Emma Houlton – Vice Principal

Eddie Woods

Eddie Woods – Chair of Academy Council.


Mark Woods – CEO of Trust.

Jane Dooley – Executive Principal


Shan Oswald


Rosemary Gil

Otis Roberts

Otis Roberts



Andy Coles





Lesley Daniel

Neil Double

Jan Neish – Clerk to the Academy Council




Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT)                           West Town Primary  Academy Council  Meetings in rolling 12 months                                 Y=Attendance  N=Non-Attendance  A=Apologies

 Surname First name Date of Appointment Appointing Body Graduation Date Responsibilities Pecuniary Interest and other governor positions



Attendance at Academy Council meetings in last 12 months
As % Nov 16 Jan 17 Apr 17 July 17 Oct 17
Coles Andy 01/12/2014 CMAT 30/11/2018 Science Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Cambridgeshire

Peterborough City Council elected member

The Voyager Academy

40 Y A Y A A
Daniel Lesley 01/09/2015 CMAT 31/08/2019 Pupil premium


None declared 60 Y A Y A Y
Double Neil 01/07/2016 CMAT 30/06/2020 maths None declared 60 Y A Y A Y
Gil Rosemary 01/06/2014 CMAT 31/05/2018 Safeguarding/CP


Healthy Eating

Buckle Mellows Solicitors 80 Y Y Y A y
Houlton Emma 01/12/2014 CMAT 30/11/2018 None declared 100 Y Y Y Y Y
Oswald Shân 01/06/2014 CMAT 31/05/2018 Literacy None declared 80 Y Y A Y Y
Quinn Hannah 01/06/2014 Ex officio (Head) N/A


None declared 100 Y Y Y Y Y
Roberts Otis 01/09/2014 CMAT 31/08/2018 Sports, Arts, Music None declared Y Y Y A A
Woods Eddie 01/06/2014 CMAT 31/05/2018 CHAIR Family relationship to CEO of CMAT

Woodston Primary School

100 Y Y Y Y y
Woods Mark ex-officio CMAT ex-officio Peterborough United Foundation

Nene Valley Primary School

Woodston Primary School




100 Y Y Y Y y
HISTORIC (last twelve months)
Dooley Jane ex-officio (Head) CMAT Ex officio – no longer applicable
Saghir Raheel 01/09/2014 Sept 2017


At this time, CMAT has never entered a related party transaction.