School Information

School Information

Welcome to our academy where we hope you will experience a wealth of enthusiasm for learning and for supporting and helping each other. We are sure you will quickly feel the friendly and positive ethos in the academy from both the staff and the children who would love to share their latest pieces of work and activities with you.

Please look round our website to see what we have been up to recently and discover our approach to teaching and learning. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information about the Academy or if you would like to visit us.

About West Town Primary Academy

A culturally rich city school with high aspirations for all of its children

Quality Teaching

Under the guidance of its new principal West Town Primary Academy has restructured its teaching team to provide smaller class sizes for many of our children, which enables a greater amount of quality first teaching to take place.

We are fortunate enough to have a team of good and outstanding teachers who through bespoke in house training are helping to develop the next generation of teachers in partnership with our CMAT teaching school.

We employ specialist teachers for Art, PE and Music to raise the quality of teaching and work produced, creating a sense of achievement and success for the children.


We have remodelled our existing buildings to maximise good effective learning spaces for the children but ultimately are looking forward to our fantastic, state of the art new school which is due to open in 2016.

We have adopted new learning and teaching techniques through initiatives such as TASC and enterprise activities and are using our specialist Maths and science teachers to develop best practice in both of these areas.

Our classes are named after famous children’s authors to help build a literacy rich learning culture where children are surrounded by the best literacy on a daily basis. We are also developing a new library and reading culture within the academy.

A Sense of Success

The academy believes in children achieving well and feeling a sense of success, in order for all children to achieve well there is a high emphasis on the quality of art music and PE through the provision of specialist teachers in these areas to lead and push the boundaries of these subjects within the primary age groups, as well as the traditionally tested reading writing and maths and science.

We also have a high emphasis on basic skills which are practiced daily these include handwriting calculation tables spelling punctuation and grammar.