Year 5 Stibbington Residential Trip 2017

Monday 13 November 2017

Monday morning began with Pullman Class boarding the coach to head to Stibbington Residential Centre. On arrival, the children were told their dormitories and shown to their rooms where they set up their sleeping bags and packed away their clothes. The first activity involved the children exploring the Centre’s grounds, which was followed by the raising of the flag to signal us arriving.

After lunch and a brief play time, the children were introduced to map reading skills where they learnt how to read six-figure grid references. This meant the children were able to follow a treasure hunt through Stibbington Lakes Nature Reserve. This was hugely enjoyable for the children with the walk keeping the children warm – despite the cold weather.  Overall the first day of the trip was a huge success, the children ended the busy day by having a hot chocolate and flapjack in the lounge.