Year 5 Stibbington Residential 2018

Day 4 – Thursday 15th November 2018

After a hearty breakfast of cereal, toast, hash browns and beans the children learned about food chains. They traveled by mini bus to Sulehay Forest to create a shelter for a hedgehog, make carpet artwork,  and collect and classify mini-beasts.

On return to the centre, the children had cheese sandwiches, home made pizza and chocolate crispy cakes.  They discovered what an owl had eaten by dissecting an owl pellet with tweezers, classifying the bones and examining the teeth of the jaw bones using a microscope.  Pond dipping completed the afternoon.  After a super roast chicken dinner, cake and ice cream the children played hide and seek in the dark using torches.  They enjoyed part of a dvd film before having a homemade biscuit and hot chocolate before bed.

Day 3 – Wednesday 14th November 2018

Ibbotson class arrived at Stibbington centre safely and joined Pullman on their last day.  After unpacking and settling in the class watched an ecological DVD and then explored the grounds following picture clues to find all the ways in which the centre tries to reduce, reuse and recycle. Then they raised the flag to show everyone that they were here. After a lovely lunch with Pullman class, they headed out to find the pirate’s treasure. They had to use 6 figure grid references but they were successful in following the clues and locating the pirate treasure chest.  After a lovely meal they settled down to watch a movie before enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and flapjack before bed.

Day 2 – Tuesday 13th November 2018

What a super busy day we’ve had!  We started off with cereal, toast, beans and hash browns for breakfast, before we learned about food chains and learned an ancient song all about the forest.  We then took a mini bus to the forest and sang the special song to the trees there.  While we were at the forest we went on a mini beast hunt – we were really lucky and actually found newts under a log in the middle of the forest! We couldn’t believe it! We also learned about badger sets and how they interconnect underground…one of the other things that surprised us while we were in the forest was the amazing creaking noise the trees made in the wind -it was so eerie!

When we came back to the Centre, we learned how to identify the food owls eat by examining the bones from owl pellets. Although it seemed a bit strange at first to dissect owl pellets, it was really interesting– especially when we were working out whether the bones were ribs or leg bones.The most interesting part though was when we found the teeth of the animals the owl had eaten – we could actually tell if the creature eaten was a omnivore,herbivore or carnivore!

After that we did some pond dipping and found out that some amazingly tiny creatures live in the pond, including pond snails, freshwater shrimp, wigglies to name just a few. 

To finish off our brilliant day, we had a fantastic tea with the best chocolate cake for pudding!

We’ve still got lots to do tomorrow, but we’re all looking forward to see our friends and family back at school again tomorrow.

Day 1 – Monday 12th November 2018.

We arrived safe and sound to Sunny Stibbington! After settling into our rooms, we unpacked and made sure we had everything we needed. As well as finding our way around the Centre, we also found out about different materials we can recycle and how materials can be ‘up-cycled’ too!  We’d never heard of this before, but it’s when something we would normally recycle is given a different purpose. 

After a scrummy lunch of sandwiches, fruit and scones, we were really excited to play on the trim trail (but not as excited as Mrs. Hayes was!) and to climb the big tree on the field.

The afternoon seemed to fly by as we learned how to read, 4 figure references grids, 6 figure grid references, the points of the compass, explored Stibbington Village and followed maps to find the pirate’s hidden treasure.  It turns out that the Pirates treasure map was no match for Yousaf’s map reading skills! 

Not only did we find the treasure, but we also made friends with some sheep too!

Tonight we’re quite tired, so we’re planning to have a hot chocolate, a flap jack, a film and early to bed…as for sleep…we’ll let you know tomorrow!