The Arts

The Arts

Arts in the Academy are led by our specialist teachers in Art and Music.

West Town is currently working towards the Arts Mark ensuring that the children have a wide range and quality of arts opportunities within and beyond our curriculum.

It is an important part of Academy life that children are able to achieve at a high standard within the arts regardless of their level of communication skills in English or wider academic skills.

Understanding of arts and artists is central to every theme with a strong creative element every term to provide a visual product related to or inspiring the children’s work on the theme.

Relevant individual artists, periods or artistic skills or techniques are studied. Our curriculum includes a range of activities in all areas of the arts including dance, drama, music as well as art and design.

Through the arts children are able to express their thoughts and emotions and empathise with others. West Town Primary Academy offers many opportunities for the children to compete and celebrate their artistic learning through festivals and competitions over the year within and beyond the Academy.

Children are able to develop their personal social and emotional development within the arts as the Academy encourage them to participate in and respond to the creative and cultural life of their communities and different cultures.