DSCF3675Historical and geographical understanding and skills are built up within the themes studied, having the flexibility to follow children’s lines of interest and enquiry.

Emphasis is placed on children’s own research, use of artefacts, discussion and role play.

Understanding of social events, behaviour and their effects on the world and local communities is built up through this variety of role play, discussion and debate in context.

West Town Primary Academy follows its own curriculum in history and geography drawing on elements of curriculum 2000, The Rose Review and the national curriculum 2014. Skills and progression are tracked.

  • Year 5 Stibbington Residential Trip 2016

    Monday 14 November 2016

    We arrived all very excited!.

  • Year 6 Evacuation Day 2016

    The year 6 children spent the day as world war II .

  • Kinder Transport Production

    On Wednesday 27th, which was also Holocaust Memorial.

  • History Topics Autumn Term 2015

    History topics across the whole of the school in .

  • Tudor Houses

    As part of their topic work Year 3 children were tasked.

  • Stibbington Evacuation Day

    Year 6 children spent the day being World War II children.