Early Years

Early Years

At West Town we believe that the experiences children have at the very start of their school life are important in ensuring that they grow up as independent and self-motivated learners for life.

To ensure that they have the opportunities to do this we start by developing children’s communication and social skills when they enter their reception class through lots of one to one and small group work.

The children have an inspiring early years classroom and outdoor environment to facilitate learning through play and enable them to build on their taught experiences and develop the skills needed to reach the expected outcomes by the end of the year .

Our Early Years team ensure that every individual has their needs met over their initial year at school building the skills needed to continue learning as they enter Key Stage One.

During this time children develop their self-confidence, self-assurance and responsibility as well as academic readiness for learning in key stage one. There is a strong emphasis on phonics reading and talk throughout early years.