We offer a number of clubs and activities for children to attend after school or at lunchtime. Clubs change on a termly basis.

There are limited places for each club and waiting lists are kept. If a club is full your child can be placed on the waiting list.

Children’s attendance at school clubs is dependent on good behaviour in school.

To extend the range and build on class and curriculum activities we offer a wide range of academic, sports and arts clubs at West Town Primary Academy. These run at lunch times and after school. Our clubs are usually free to attend. Many of the clubs change on a termly basis so that the children have a wider variety over the year. Lists of clubs are sent out at the start of every term.

Extended School

In addition to our voluntary clubs we run an extended school day for year 5 and year 6 children to give them time to read, develop reading skills and comprehension and prepare homework. This runs on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and is attended by all children who are not at another club. 

Breakfast Club

We offer a breakfast club from 7.45am every morning. Children help make their own breakfast, learning different skills and recipes for a healthy and nourishing start to the day. They also have the opportunity to play games and take part in other activities before school starts. There is no need to book Breakfast Club; just come to the office any day and speak to one of the office staff. The cost of this club is £2.00 per session.